June & Juniper Foldable Travel Yoga Mat - Ocean Breeze
June & Juniper Foldable Travel Yoga Mat - Ocean Breeze
June & Juniper Foldable Travel Yoga Mat - Ocean Breeze
June & Juniper Foldable Travel Yoga Mat - Ocean Breeze
June & Juniper Foldable Travel Yoga Mat - Ocean Breeze
June & Juniper Foldable Travel Yoga Mat - Ocean Breeze
June & Juniper Foldable Travel Yoga Mat - Ocean Breeze

June & Juniper Foldable Travel Yoga Mat - Ocean Breeze

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💝THE PERFECT, MULTI-PURPOSE YOGA TRAVEL MAT: June & Juniper Light Yoga Mat is so versatile and high-performing, it sets a new standard in fitness gear & accessories. Offering nearly 6 feet of premium quality , moisture-wicking microfiber. Take this foldable yoga mat on-the-go to your bikram or vinyasa yoga session or use it at home to stretch or mediate. Accessorized with a knee pad & carrier, this mat yoga set is ideal for adults of all ages

💙ULTRA-THIN, BREATHABLE & PREMIUM MATERIAL: This thin as a credit card lightweight yoga mat folds to a compact size. The porous highly absorbent microfiber is quick drying similar to a yoga mat towel, but it won't bunch up - use as a yoga sweat mat during pilates or hot yoga. Its fast-wicking properties mean it doesn’t breed mold, making it a safe, odor-free, antimicrobial eco yoga mat

🌿ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: June & Juniper is an eco-conscious company that takes great strides to protect the planet. Our folding yoga mats are comprised of microfiber and biodegradable, natural tree rubber that provides a superior, non-slip grip. Your portable microfiber yoga mat will stay in place whether you’re doing aerobics or physical therapy & you can feel good knowing you’re doing right by mother nature

🍂REVERSIBLE & BEAUTIFUL YOGA MAT DESIGN: This natural yoga mat was hand painted by a NY artist. The high-quality craftsmanship lends itself to a luxurious, comfortable feel and stunning aesthetics. This pro yoga mat is beautiful & highly functional with both sides suitable for various exercises. Its black natural rubber side offers an exceptional grip, perfect for poses that need great traction; Its microfiber side is ideal for hot yoga as it grips even better when wet

🎁THE PERFECT GIFTS for yoga lovers & yogis, athletes, personal trainers, physical therapists, the elderly, health-conscious men and women, professionals, and/or beginners, this yoga mat travel kit will be wildly popular among just about any group. A unique and practical present to celebrate a birthday, graduation, baby shower, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas , look no further than the June & Juniper Foldable Travel Yoga Mat Caution

😁June & Juniper wants to always be transparent and honest with our customers.The weight of this mat (1.39 kg) might be lightweight for some, but too heavy for others. Similarly, some love that the mat is as thin as a credit card ( 1.5 mm), while others think there's not enough cushioning. PLEASE ONLY MAKE A PURCHASE IF THE WEIGHT AND THICKNESS ARE OK FOR YOU AFTER CAREFUL CONSIDERATION Why June & Juniper ?

✅No more communal mats that are full of unwanted fungus, virus and bacteria. This mat is the hygienic solution for shared yoga/ exercise mats as you can simply put it on top of communal mats or use it by itself.

✅We use 4th generation non-slip technology for ultimate grip. With a reversible design, you can enjoy practicing on either side.

✅If you are after an exceptional grip, the natural rubber side will not disappoint. This side is perfect for poses that require a lot of traction, such as downward dog.

✅Its microfiber side grips even better when wet. If this side isn't grippy enough for you, simply drip a few drops of water from your water bottle on it.

✅The mat is foldable so it easily fits into a bag.

✅We sourced only premium materials to ensure that the product is top quality.

✅The mat is easy to clean and machine washable on DELICATE CYCLE!

✅Our carry strap is designed to double as a yoga strap.

✅It is a necessity for activities like yoga, crossfit,pilates,stretching,and exercise classes or for out-of-town adventures like vacation or meditation retreats.

✅Our customer service gives all customers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, return it within 30 days for a refund or exchange. Product Details: 1️⃣ Yoga Mat 2️⃣ Knee Pad For Extra Cushioning 3️⃣ Carry Strap Materials: Microfiber, Natural Rubber Mat Weight: 1.39 KG Size: 178 X 61 CM Thickness: 1.5 MM